Group Vision Insurance


While vision benefits are often not included in benefits packages, they can be extremely beneficial to employees. Offering vision insurance can encourage necessary eye care and help supplement costs for vision needs. Regular eye exams can even identify otherwise unknown medical problems, lowering costs and improving treatment if the problems are identified early. Some vision problems may pose safety risks or discomfort for the employee, affecting his or her productivity and increasing the chances of injury in the workplace, so identifying the vision problem and treating it would benefit your business. Offering vision insurance may help you recruit and retain employees, too.

The expense of offering vision insurance is minimal, and you can choose what type of coverage to offer to fit in your budget. You could offer a vision benefits package, which provides vision care in exchange for an annual premium or membership fee, yearly deductible for each member and copay for services, but another option would be to offer a discount vision plan. A discount vision plan provides vision care at a fixed rate after members pay an annual premium or membership fee and deductible. You can customize both types of plans to meet your employees’ needs.

Another benefit of offering vision insurance to employees is that employees have the option of paying for the benefit through either a payroll deduction or a flexible spending account.

Consider offering vision insurance to your employees—it could save you money, increase productivity, and help you recruit and retain employees.

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