Pet Insurance


It is estimated that 63 percent of all American households have at least one pet. In any given year, one in three of these beloved family members will need costly veterinary care, even if it is for routine exam visits and vaccinations. Should a pet become severely ill and need emergency care, costs can sometimes be more than pet owners can bear. However, if they have pet insurance, owners will never have to make a decision about their pets wellbeing based on cost.

Help avoid a difficult financial decision about your pet’s health with Hartville Pet Health Insurance. Plus, you can save with a 10% multiple pet discount if you qualify!

Hartville Pet Health Insurance is underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company and administered by Petsmarketing Agency. With this program, you may:

ü      Visit any veterinarian in the US or Canada, including specialists and emergency clinics

ü      Choose from 4 increasing levels of coverage for your dog or cat

ü      Enroll easily online or by phone


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